Farm Fresh Sod
Farm  Fresh  Sod

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our Premium Quality Products and Services. We are constantly improving our farm practices to be sustainable, and as environmentally friendly as possible.

We Grow And We Lead

At Granview Farms, we grow more than premium Kentucky bluegrass sod; we grow the people in our teams; we grow beautiful communities; we grow clean air and water; we grow together as individuals. We lead our industry with integrity; our passions are research-based innovation, precision farming, educating ourselves and our communities, and being responsible environmental stewards of our agricultural and urban land.

Community Conscious

We pride ourselves on adding value to our communities through our premium products that provide natural, safe places for socializing and playing sports; while generating oxygen, sequestering CO2 and increasing property values.

Our History 

Granview Farms Limited was founded as a family business in 1966 by Jim Streatch, Kenneth Streatch and Alan Streatch who initially specialized in conventional farming, livestock, and lumber. Fifty-five years later, Granview has grown to encompass numerous businesses built on the same set of quality driven values and standards since day one. 

Our Relationships  

We cultivate and grow relationships with our customers by providing only the highest quality products and service. We listen to our customers concerns and work with them to find the best solution possible. We are here to support our customers and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our Team  

Our team is our family, we actively work to keep each other safe and supported, to do what is right, and to work hard and build for our future.