Landscape Contractors

We understand your customer’s lawn is an investment in the beauty and value of their home or business. We focus on the three fundamental needs most of your clients want from their lawn: top genetics for natural drought, insect and disease resistance, slow growth for less mowing, and sustainability.

In addition, you have fundamental needs as a business owner:

  • You want a professional working relationship with your suppliers.
  • You want fast and responsive service to meet your needs.
  • You want a product that reflects your high standards of quality because a good reputation generates more business.

We would be happy to work with you on your project.  We can supply Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod by the pallet (450 sq.ft.) or as Big Roll Sod (280-360 sq.ft.)  We have Big Roll Sod laying attachments available to rent.

Our Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is available for pick up by the pallet or piece in Nova Scotia from Kynock Resources at 1993 Hammonds Plains Road or Payzants Home Hardware at 1000 Cole Harbour Road.  Field pick up is also available in Middle Musquodobit.  If you require larger quantities of 5 or more pallets we would be happy to deliver direct to your job site.  Please call for a price or fill out our convenient quote form and we will get back to you.

We offer preferred wholesale pricing for Landscape Contractors and volume discounts as well.

We pride ourselves on providing consistent, quality products on time.