Our Topsoil is sold in full Tandem or Trailer loads. Partial loads can be purchased however pricing will reflect full loads.

We ask that 48 hours notice is provided in scheduling an order.

Due to the size of trucks we access to tight areas is challenging. We ask upon delivery that you have an identified area to deliver material. Should our driver find that there are potential hazards in the identified area, another location will need to be selected.

For most lawn applications, it is recommended that a 4”-6” layer of topsoil be spread evenly across the surface.

Not sure how much topsoil to order? Check out this Topsoil Calculator:

It is always important to order some extra material to ensure you have enough to finish your job.

After the product has been placed across the site, use a rake to finely grade the topsoil.

Ensure that there is a modest slope across the area to ensure water runs to a desired point on the property.

Topsoil is essential in building a strong root system for your sod, the stronger the root system, the less susceptible your lawn will be to weeds, insects, draught etc.

Topsoil Questions

First you will need to decide how thick you want the soil to be and how many square feet of sod.
A topsoil depth for lawns are recommended by the Industry at 150 mm or 6 inches of depth. MVQS believes that each customer needs to consider both their budget and existing site conditions when answering this question.
You will need to order between 85 and 95 cubic yards of soil depending on how smooth your lawn is. If it is rough and topsoil will be used to fill dips and hollows allow for the higher amount.
Tandem trucks usually haul 14 - 15 vds3 while trailer deliveries can haul between 25 and 28 yds3. Larger loads are normally cheaper per yd3, but may not always be able to deliver on your site.
If your delivery location is generally flat with enough room for a long trailer to access your lot a trailer load may work for you. It not a tandem will be the best option.
It is always good to get a recommendation if you are not confident with your soil supplier. At MVQS we supply a screened, sandy loam blend with added organics and nutrients before it goes to you. It is important for your soil to not be too sandy, rocky, too light with fresh bark added or too wet so that you cannot handle it.
Soil that is too sandy allows the water and nutrients to move quickly away from your new sod. This will result in you needing to add more fertilizer and water to keep the grass healthy. A sandy loam soil will hold more water and nutrients but allow for adequate drainage.
Well composted organic matter is helpful for lawn soils, but not essential when using sod. When you plan to seed your lawn, a seeding soil should be purchased which has at least 10 - 20% OM added by volume. The new roots take time and need the OM to help with early development. Sod roots grow and die (over and over as part of a normal process] and soon create their own OM in the soil.
Topsoil should cost you more than your sod and may be impacted by trucking distance and quality. If you are hydroseeding your topsoil extra quality may reduce the benefit of seeding as compared to sodding.
At MVOS we always encourage our homeowner clients to consider the volume of work in spreading 2 or 3 truck loads of soil. It is heavy and most likely you are not in superman shape. Hiring someone with a skid steer loader to spread you soil at the right time will be a good investment. A heart attack is not worth the savings.
Remember you must have a slope (at least 2% or 12 inches over 50 feet) away from your home and if you have water coming on to your lot from a hill or wooded or adjacent property, you must deal with this prior to soil placement.
You will likely want to hire a qualified landscaper with the correct equipment to install a swale, dry well, French drain or just divert the incoming water at the source. This will be important for long term satisfaction of your lawn.
There are normally options that you can consider. We at MVQS have deep experience with providing solutions for all of our clients. If I don't know the answer myself I can access someone in house that does. In general if all else fails put a plan in place to landscape the most important area first and next year look at the balance.