Architects & Project Managers

We understand that landscape design professionals are involved from start to finish throughout all of the impressive projects they do. As such, we want to provide the tools necessary to help with their creations.  Healthy, sustainable green space is Granview Farms’ goal. Utilizing the latest turfgrass breeding technologies and testing, Granview Farms provides natural grass solutions for every project from utility road side work to world class professional soccer pitches. 

We understand your client’s project is an investment in the value of their home, business or school. With that in mind, we focus on the three fundamental needs your clients want from their natural grasses:

  • Aesthetic: Projects completed with high quality sod look flawless. Sociologists estimate that polished landscaping can add a perceived value up to 15% over the actual estimated value of a project.
  • Environmental: Sodding a project (rather than seeding) reduces run off (loss of top soil), decreases the amount of inputs (fertilizers) needed to get the project looking 100%, and starts sequestering CO2 immediately upon installation. Sod also provides vital habitat for the good bugs and bacteria that keep our soils healthy and functional.
  • Ease of Care: Sodded projects use less water than seeded projects. Sodded projects are fully established and ready for use as much as two years faster than seeded projects.

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